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Since 1978 the RoSa library and centre of expertise is the place to be for information and documentation on women's issues, feminism and gender.

Whether you are a women's rights activist, a student or a researcher in women's studies, or simply interested in feminism, equal opportunities and women's studies in Belgium and abroad, RoSa provides with exact and to-the-point answers.

As mediators of information we aim at diffusing knowledge on gender, feminism and equal opportunities as efficiently as possible to all possible users.

Our library and offices are located in Brussels.

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The RoSa library situated in the centre of Brussels has one of the largest collections on gendertopics. Our online catalogue can be consulted from anywhere in the world. RoSa is a Flemish organization. Consequently, our main website is in Dutch. An abbreviated English version of that extensive website is presented here, offering some essential key facts and figures. Apart from current topics on women's issues you will equally find plenty of historical data on the women's movement in Flanders. On top of that, you get an overview of the archives in RoSa's possession and a selection of the extensive posters collection.

Be sure to discover the daily selection of women's news, a review of Belgian and international press coverage on gender related issues. You can receive this selection daily in your mailbox by subscribing to this newsletter (tick the box "vrouwennieuws", be sure to confirm your subscription through the confirmation mail you will receive).

As information mediators we want to raise public awareness about gender. That is why we developed a comprehensive, interactive workshop 'Gender for Dummies'. Feel free to contact us for more information.

RoSa participates in International projects. If your organization is looking for a partner for a project on a gender related topic, we are most willing to discuss the opportunity of a possible partnership.

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